How to Find The Best Loan

Hopefully, we are in the last week of lockdown caused due to the COVID pandemic. For many, the lockdown has been a mix of emotions, stressful, challenging, and having a good time to bond with family.

Warren Buffet once famously said “When you buy things you don’t need, soon you will end up selling things you need”, how relevant is this pearl of wisdom in these times.

The last 40 days must have taught so many precious lessons, probably some life changing ones too. With most of the outlets closed for shopping, dining, entertainment etc., many of us must have realized the difference between must haves and good to haves. Many of us must have been pleasantly surprised that life can be great with limited things and are clear in their minds what truly matters for us. What to exchange the hard earned money with must have been well learnt.

While there is a rule of 21, which says that any habit (good or bad) can be inculcated in 21 days, hope all the good things we practiced in these lockdown times stay with us for a very long time. Time being time, it is unpredictable and how it makes people change is a tough guess for anyone.

Once we are done with the lockdown, it will be interesting to see how we respond to the choices we have, whether we live wisely or not.

Take care and stay safe.